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Faculty Scholarships

Author: Robert A. Hershey

  • Globalization and the Transformation of Cultures & Humanity: A Curriculum and Toolkit for the Efflorescence of Ecological Literacy in Legal and Business School Education (2010),
Articles in Books
  • Chapter 41, Indian Law, in United States Law of Trade and Investment (Boris Kozolchyk & John F. Molloy eds., 2001).
  • Intellectual Property Rights and American Indian Tribes, in American Indian Relationships in a Modern Arizona Economy 221 (Malcolm (Hamp) Merrill project director & ed., 1994) (co-author, with Richard Guest).
  • Mapping Intergenerational Memories (Part I):  Proving the Contemporary Truth of the Indigenous Past, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 14-01 (2014) (co-author with Jennifer McCormack & Gillian E. Newell).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Globalization and Its Special and Significant Impacts on Indigenous Communities, Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 12-19 (2012).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Criminal Detainers in a Nutshell, 7 Crim. L. Bull. 753 (1971) (co-author, with David B. Wexler).
Other Writings

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