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Faculty Scholarships

Author: Winton D. Woods

  • Report on Electronic Courtrooms to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (1998).
  • Medical Legal Internet Directory:  The Professional's Instant-Access Resource (1997) (co-author, with Rosie Oldham et al.).
  • The Lawyer's Computer Book:  A Primer for Lawyers and Law Students (1992).
  • Courtrooms of the Future: Current Reality - Future Promise, in Information Technology and the Law (The 1995 Isaac Pitblado Lectures) 150 (Michel A. Mannin & Duncan D. Jessiman eds., 1995).
  • Real Questions About the Virtual Courthouse, 78 Judicature 64 (1994) (co-author, with Gordon Bermant), reprinted in 31 Trial (ABA), Oct. 1995, at 42.
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Medical Malpractice Crisis, 37 Surv. Anesthesiology 178 (1993).
  • The Medical Malpractice Crisis--Where Does the Fault Lie? 36 Surv. Anesthesiology 123 (1992).
  • Nancy Cruzan's Case & The Question of Assisted Suicide, Surv. Anesthesiology ____, Apr. 1991.
  • Suits by Foreign Plaintiffs: Keeping the Doors of American Courts Open, 8 Ariz. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 75 (1991).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw
  • The Right to Demand Medical Treatment, Surv. Anesthesiology ___, July 1990.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines v. Shute: An Amicus Inquiry into the Doctrine of Purposeful Availment, 36 Wayne L. Rev. 1393 (1990).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw
  • Judge Hill's Rule, 23 Ind. L. Rev. 137 (1990).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • The Salve Regina College Case: Putting Erie Back on Track, 32 Ariz. L. Rev. 773 (1990).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw
  • Burnham v. Superior Court: New Wine, Old Bottles, 13 Geo. Mason U. L. Rev. 199 (1990).
    Available at: Hein Online | Westlaw
  • Informed Consent--The Need for Delegalization, Am. J.D.C. (AMA) (1989).
  • Disputing in America, in Civil Justice in Arizona:  How Much? For Whom? 101 (Kenney F. Hegland project ed., 1988).
  • The Erie Enigma: Appellate Review of Conclusions of Law, 26 Ariz. L. Rev. 755 (1984).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • Pennoyer's Demise: Personal Jurisdiction after Shaffer and Kulko and a Modest Prediction Regarding World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson, 20 Ariz. L. Rev. 861 (1978).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • The Land Sales Game, 62 J. Dent. Econ. 48 (1972).
  • Introduction: The Practice of Law in the Public Interest, 13 Ariz. L. Rev. 797 (1972) (co-author, with Clark L. Derrick).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • The Supreme Court and Interstate Environmental Quality:  Some Notes on the Wyandotte Case, 12 Ariz. L. Rev. 691 (1970) (co-author, with Kenneth R. Reed).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • Book Review, 11 Ariz. L. Rev. 379 (1969) (Mumford).
  • Suppression of the Press in Early Pennsylvania:  The Penumbra of Bayard v. Passmore, 10 Ariz. L. Rev. 315 (1968).
    Available at: Hein Online
  • The Criminal Justice Act of 1964, 5 Am. Crim. L.Q. 54 (1967).
  • The Operation of Federalism in Diversity: Erie`s Constitutional Basis, 40 Ind. L.J. 512 (1965).
    Available at: Hein Online
Other Writings
  • Preparing for the Worst, 4 Legal Week 15 (Jan. 8, 2002).
  • Firms Take Courtrooms to the Next Level, 37 Ariz. Att'y, Apr. 2001, at 46.
  • Law Office Computing - A series of articles on "generic, off the shelf hardware and software that is useful in the law office or courtroom environment" published monthly in the Maricopa Lawyer, the Writ and on the World Wide Web.
    Available at: Link
  • The Medical Malpractice Case:  From Case Screening to Jury (2000) (co-presentor, with Michelle T. Langan).
  • Microsoft Office '97 PC Only, Los Angeles Daily J., Apr. 7, 1997 (Cal. Law Bus. Supplement), at S15.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer diskettes, CD-ROM or Downloaded, Los Angeles Daily J., Oct. 13, 1997 (Cal. Law Bus. Supplement), at S13.
  • Investigating the Impact of Advanced Technology on Trials: The Courtroom as a Classroom, 29 Haw. Int'l Conf. on Sys's Sci. (1996) (co-author, with William E. Boyd et al.).
  • Book Review, 2 Int'l J.L. & Info. Tech. 98 (1994) (reviewing Henry H. Perritt, How to Practice Law with Computers (2d ed. 1992)) (co-author, with William E. Boyd).
  • Materials for a Seminar on Computer Based Legal Research and Retrieval, in Modern Computerized Legal Research 45 (State Bar of Arizona, 1992).
  • Computers in the Practice--Litigation: The Future is Now, 11 U. Ariz. L. Rec., 1990, at 6.
  • The Cruzan Case: The Right to a Surrogate Decisionmaker, HEC Forum, Fall 1990.
  • The Mini Trial, Ariz. Att'y, Nov. 1988, at 25.
  • Attacking Foreign Judgments in Arizona: Full Faith and Credit Problems to Avoid, 21 Ariz. B.J. , Jun.-July 1985, at 35. (co-author, with Daniel J. Hochuli).
  • Service of Process in Arizona, U. Ariz. L. Record, Spring 1984.
  • Debugging Volkswagen: The New "Anticipation of Litigation" Test, 1 U. Ariz. L. Rec., Winter 1980, at 3.
  • The Coming Crisis in Undeveloped Land Sales, published under title "For Sale: The Great West" in Chicago Tribune, Dec. 12, 1971.
  • Contributor, Civil Disorders, Lawlessness, and Their Roots 159 (Charles E. Ares project leader & ed., 1969).
  • Book Review, 43 Ind. L.J. 976 (1968) (Cox, Howe & Wiggins).

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