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The University of Arizona is a founding member of the 15-year-old North American Consortium on Legal Education (NACLE), incorporating member law schools in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Our participation reflects the importance we attach in this era of globalization of the practice of law to an understanding of the increasing complex legal systems, and the diverse cultures of other nations, particularly those of the other members of the North American Free Trade Area, Canada and Mexico.

The nine NACLE member law schools are committed to the facilitation of cross-border exchanges among law students, law graduate students and faculty of Consortium members. NACLE also encourages cooperation in research opportunities and curricular development, and promotion of graduate level (LLM) programs available at the members institutions, such as the master of laws in international trade and business law (ITBL) and the master of laws in indigenous peoples’ law (IPLP)and policy programs at the University of Arizona.


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The UA Rogers College of Law's outgoing exchanges are currently limited in most respects to the Canadian law schools, Dalhousie (Halifax), McGill (Montreal), Ottawa (Ottawa), and University of British Columbia (Vancouver).  Those interested in a visit to one of the Mexican law schools, Panamericana or CIDE (Mexico City) or Monterrey Tech (Monterrey) should contact Professor David A. Gantz.   

Detailed information, with links to the member schools and programs, is available on the NACLE website.  Instruction in the Canadian law schools is available in English; instruction at McGill is also available in French.



University of Puerto Rico

The Rogers College of Law maintains a long-standing exchange relationship with UPR in San Juan, who is also an ABA-accredited law school.  Instruction is primarily in Spanish, requiring a solid level of fluency in spoken and written Spanish.  However, as of spring 2009, there will be sufficient courses in English to permit visits by students who are fluent only in English.  (Some Spanish proficiency is nevertheless highly recommended.) 


Interested JD candidates may also wish to contact former Rogers College of Law professor David Wexler, who maintains close contact with the UA College of Law but is now a full-time faculty member at UPR.  For information regarding application, contact Donna Ream or visit her in Law Commons, 150D.



University Jean Moulin, Lyon 3 (France)

Our exchange program with Jean Moulin Lyon 3 began in 2008.  Because the basic law degree in France (as in Mexico) is an undergraduate degree, the courses in which most Rogers College of Law exchange students will be enrolled will be in a graduate (LLM) program taught in English.  Those students who are fluent in French may take other law courses, but no fluency is required for the exchange. 


JD law students will have the opportunity to take an introductory “orientation” course in French language and culture.  Additional information is available on UJM’s website, and in the Lyon 3 Exchange Student Guide



The key benefit of this particular exchange will be the opportunity to return to Lyon, after UA graduation, to complete an additional semester and take the UJM Lyon 3 LLM degree.  For more details, contact Professor David A. Gantz.




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