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CourseLaw and Entrepreneurship - Law 633D
Instructor Lawrence Hecker   View Faculty Page
Units 3 --Graded - Graded


Prerequisites:  Business Organizations and one of the following:  Intellectual Property: Survey; Federal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Partnership Tax. 
NOTE: Law and Entrepreneurship is a year-long course open only to 3Ls and with a limited number of seats.  Instructor permission is required. Click here for Application Instructions.
Only Applications submitted by Thursday, April 8, 2010, 5:00 p.m. will be considered.
On your transcript, this course will appear as two courses:
1.  Fall semester course: 3 units, Law and Entrepreneurship, graded. Law 633D

2. Spring Semester course: 2 units, Advanced Law and Entrepreneurship, graded. Law 633G

Recommended Courses:

Students interested in this course would also benefit from Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Regulation, and Bankruptcy Law.


The intersection of law and entrepreneurship is an emerging field of study. This course explores the legal issues faced by start-up businesses and the dynamics of entrepreneurial finance, including venture capital.   Students participate in a simulated law firm, advising the entrepreneurship teams participating in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.  Students develop skills in the following areas:
1.  Analysis of ethical issues
2.    Understanding of  business plans and  development of founders agreements (including selection of the optimal business structure);
3.  Formation and capitalization of a company, including tax implications and securities regulations issues;
4.  Identification of intellectual property issues, including patents and trade secrets (protecting inventions), as well as intellectual property supporting marketing strategies (including trademarks), and technology licensing;
5. Business negotiations strategy; and
6. Client communications and management. 
The experience law students will gain through the course will make them uniquely qualified for positions in the high-technology sector and in representing start-up companies generally.  


To be determined.

Course Format

This course is the first of a two semester set of courses associated with the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.  Students in this semester will examine legal issues relevant to establishing and developing a start-up company.  Students will draft basic business formation agreements and documents as well as client memos.  The second semester will built on the first semester's work. During each semester, students will work with McGuire teams of students in assisting them, through the simulated mock law firm,  with the legal issues involved in the start-up companies the McGuire teams will be developing. Each student will serve as "lead counsel" to a McGuire team and will be the gatekeeper for its legal issues.

Written Assignments

Students will participate in document drafting exercises and will draft client memos outlining various legal issues and strategies to address them. 

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Course grade is based on written and oral assignments and class participation.

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