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CourseEnvironmental Law - Law 669
Instructor Kirsten H. Engel   View Faculty Page
Units 3 - Graded


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This is an introductory course in environmental law and regulatory policy.  The course will focus primarily on the domestic regulation of hazardous waste and air and water pollution and laws related to the protection of natural resources.  Our goal in studying these issues will be to gain a better understanding not only of particular environmental laws and policies, but also of the processes by which the government can regulate potentially harmful activities.  We will look not only at traditional regulatory mechanisms, but also at the opportunities for market and non-regulatory solutions.


Environmental Policy Law: Problems, Cases and Readings by Holly Doremus et al.,

Course Format

Lecture and Discussion.

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

3 hour final exam.

Basis for grading

The final exam will be the primary basis for students' grades, but class participation will also be taken into account.

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