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Specialization in Legal Compliance & Legal Risk Management

MLS StudentsWe live in a highly regulated economy. Private and public employers must employ specialists to keep track of their legal compliance. This MLS with a Specialization in Legal Compliance and Legal Risk Management is designed to educate graduates to meet this demand for legal compliance officers and to train those for whom legal compliance is an important part of their job or career. This program combines courses offering a nuts and bolts understanding of legal compliance and more specialized courses covering particular business or governmental sectors. This is a highly useful degree to graduates seeking a clear pathway into a legal-oriented profession.



A. Required Core Courses (17 units)

B. Elective Course Requirements (10 units)

Complete at least 10 units in substantive courses relevant to legal compliance and legal risk management offered in the College of Law, including the following courses or any additional course that is approved in advance by the Program Director.


C. Additional Electives (3 units)

Students may fulfill the remainder of their required units with courses offered at the College of Law or by another school or departments at the University. Sample courses offered in other schools and departments at the University of Arizona that would provide the student with greater depth in particular areas of legal compliance include those listed below.


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