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Public International Law


This course will introduce students to aspects of public international law that are vital to understanding the human rights protection system. We will examine themes including universalism and cultural relativism, rights and duties as organizing conceptions, evolving notions of statehood and sovereignty and the relevance of the private-public distinction.  The course stresses throughout the relationships among human rights norms, process and institutions, as well as the relationship between international and internal orders.  The topics include civil and political rights, economic and social rights, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions, universal and regional regimes, democratization, self-determination and autonomy regimes, development, women's rights, individual criminal responsibility and foreign policy.

Steiner and Alston, International Human Rights in Context
Course Format

Lecture, discussion and in-depth analysis.

Written Assignments

Students who elect the substantial paper option (3 units) will be required to write three drafts of a substantial research paper, with the final paper of publishable quality. In addition, students taking the class for substantial paper credit will be required to make an oral presentation during the semester on the topic of their paper.

Type of Exam  
Basis for grading

Continuous Assessment based on journals, class participation and final paper or exam.

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