Course - Law
Prerequisites: None 
Recommended Courses: None 
This course will cover health care as a regulated industry.  Major, overlapping areas of coverage include access to health care; health care and antitrust law; introduction to health care economics; Medicare and Medicaid; power relationships in hospitals, health care organizations, and physician groups; health care and corporations; health care and tax exemptions; and managed care.  Although this course occasionally touches on medical negligence and bioethics, these subjects are focused on in separate courses.  Health care is a huge, important, and complex industry that serves as an excellent "laboratory" within which to test and hone one's overall legal knowledge, creativity, and policy analysis skills.
Materials Havighurst, et. Al., Health Care Law and Policy (2d ed. 1998) and latest supplement thereto. 
Course Format Lecture and discussion 
Written Assignments None 
Type of Exam In-class examination or paper at student's option. 
Basis for grading If paper is chosen, the student is allowed three absences only. A borderline grade can be raised for quality class participation. 
Additional Comments
One does not need any background in health care, medicine or science to do well in this course.  It is an excellent course in which to gain an appreciation of how to deal with the broad range of problems one's clients might have in any large, important industry.
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