Course - Law
Prerequisites: Federal Indian Law I (Law Students or AIS students) or AIS 584-Development of Federal Indian Law & Policy (required for AIS students), or permission of instructor. 
Recommended Courses: See Prerequisites 
Overview The course emphasis will be tribal courts and customary law, with a special focus on Navajo common law as a case study model, and jurisdictional issues in federal Indian law. Raymond Austin, co-instructor for the course along with Professor Williams, is a retired Associate Justice of the Navajo Supreme Court. 
Materials Text: Getches, Wilkinson and Williams, Federal Indian Law: Cases and Materials (new 5th ed); Richland and Deer, Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies (AltaMira Press 2004) and materials to be assigned. 
Course Format This will be a traditional law school course, with lecture and discussion. 
Written Assignments  
Type of Exam Final paper or papers or final exam 
Basis for grading Final paper, papers, or examination, and class participation (25% of grade). 
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