Course - Law
Prerequisites: None  
Recommended Courses: None  

Ethics Rules, State Bar opinions, essays, and case law affecting the practice of criminal law, for the prosecution and defense, government-employed or private practice, addressing practical applications, ethical analyses, and professionalism. 



Course Format Lecture with occasional guest speakers, hypothetical's and discussion.  
Written Assignments Advertisements, Motions.  
Type of Exam Open book, 2-hour essay  
Basis for grading Class participation, written work, final exam.  
Additional Comments

This course is especially designed for students who plan to practice in the criminal law area.  Students who have taken a criminal law clinic or externship, or who otherwise have an interest in criminal prosecution or defense, will benefit most from this course.  Because the course emphasizes criminal law practice primarily, it does not cover some of the aspects covered by the 3 unit Legal Profession course.

Please Note: This course satisfies the Legal Profession requirement. 

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