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Overview This course is part of a joint project between the Law College and the Pima County Family Court, funded in part by a grant from the ABA Child Custody Pro Bono group. In the Representing Children I seminar, offered during the fall semester of 2006, students studied the role of lawyers representing children and designed a multi-disciplinary training for children’s lawyers to be presented in the Pima County Family Court.  In Representing Children II, students will participate in field placements with attorneys who have been appointed by the Pima County Family Court to represent children in custody disputes.  The field placement will be supervised by the Law College faculty will be consistent with ABA, Law College, and Arizona Supreme Court rules on field placements.  The expectations of field work will adhere to the Law College standard of 50 hours per credit hour [including class time and class preparation]. Students will also finalize the training program, scheduled for the first week of April, and will assist in carrying out the training program itself. 
Materials Course materials will be posted on Forums and will include the ABA Standards of Practice for Lawyers Representing Children in Custody Cases and the Uniform Representation of Children in Abuse, Neglect, and Custody Proceedings Act. 
Course Format Discussion seminar in which students share their field experiences with class. 
Written Assignments Weekly journal entries and final reflection paper. 
Type of Exam None 
Basis for grading Pass/fail based on performance review by supervising attorney in field and by Law College faculty member. Students will be required to keep written journal and submit it at the end of the semester, along with final reflection paper.  
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