Course - Law
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Overview If you, like Shylock, crave the law, this seminar is not for you.  We will have a quick overview of the legal issues facing the elderly but the main emphasis will be on how to work with the elderly and on some issues of ethics and lawyering.  You will do a field project for 8-10 hours.  You might work at a local law elder hotline, deliver meals on wheels or hang out with an elderly neighbor.  Your choice with my approval.  You will also do a joint project with other students, perhaps presenting a legislative hearing on an assisted suicide bill or producing a video on the elderly for high school students.  A course paper will be required, as well as short reaction papers during the semester.  This is probably more work than two units but it is a different kind of work. 

- Hegland and Bogutz, Fifty and Beyond: The Law You and Your Parents Need to Know

- Bob Smith, Hamlet=s Dresser (or another novel, of your choice, that deals with aging) 
Course Format Discussion, speakers 
Written Assignments See above 
Type of Exam None 
Basis for grading Field project, class participation, course paper 
Additional Comments A limited number of students may take this course for substantial paper credit. Students wishing to do so should sign up for Law 696n, Section 4.  Students writing a substantial paper must submit three full drafts (including the final draft) of a paper, with the final paper of publishable quality.  In addition, students taking the class for substantial paper credit will be required to make an oral presentation during the semester on the topic of their paper. 
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