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The Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program (IPLP) Colloquium Speaker Series is designed as a graduate level seminar open to all IPLP LL.M and S.J.D. students.  

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Recognizing the complex and diverse range of issues and topics in the field of indigenous peoples law and policy, the IPLP LL.M. Program has established the Colloquium Speakers Series as a cornerstone of its graduate-level legal education curriculum. The Colloquium has been made possible through the generous support of James E. Rogers. In prior years, the Colloquium has invited a select group of nationally and internationally recognized scholars, teachers and practitioners to the College of Law to offer a one or two day intensive graduate level seminar on a timely and important topic or sub-specialty in the field of indigenous law and policy.


Through the Colloquium, graduate law students are given in-depth exposure to a diverse range of important legal and policy issues in the field by way of an integrated series of mini-courses designed to compliment and add depth and breadth to the regular, semester-long curricular course offerings of the IPLP program. IPLP graduate and other students enrolled in and completing the Colloquium requirements will receive two credits for this intensive, graduate level seminar.


Reading materials are distributed from the IPLP Admin Office approximately 3-4 weeks in advance of a Colloquium speaker presentation.

Course Format

The IPLP Program will host a series of speakers (approx. two to three Colloquium speakers each semester) in one or two-day intensive formats. The respective speakers will discuss their paper and additional reading materials that have been distributed prior to their arrival.

Written Assignments

Students are required to submit a response paper within two weeks of a particular speaker presentation. The length of the paper is a minimum of 3-5 pages double spaced.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Attendance and class participation are mandatory. Response papers are mandatory and must reflect analysis and commentary on the particular presentation and any assigned reading materials. Response papers must be submitted in accordance with the deadline set by the instructor, typically two weeks after the particular speaker has presented.

Additional Comments

2 units 

The Colloquium series covers the entire academic year, and students will enroll in the fall for 2 units, and complete all requirements by the end of the spring semester when all Colloquium meetings have been completed and required papers submitted.

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