Course - Law
Prerequisites: Torts I 
Recommended Courses:  
Overview This course will examine economic torts (as opposed to torts involving physical injury to person or property), including such commercial torts as “misappropriation,” trademark violation, intentional and unintended interference with contract, unfair competition, and misrepresentation. It will also examine statutory protections against misrepresentation and deceptive practices, as well as the special case of lawyer malpractice. 
Advanced Torts:  Economic and Dignitary Torts, by Dobbs and Bublick
Course Format Lecture/discussion 
Written Assignments None 
Type of Exam Essay or short answer or combination 
Basis for grading  
Additional Comments This course should be of interest to all those who expect to practice general civil (as opposed to criminal) law and especially those who are interested in civil litigation. It should also be of interest to those who for any reason cannot take a course in intellectual property, since brief coverage is given to some basic intellectual property ideas in copyright and trademark law. 
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