Course - Law
Prerequisites: This course is available to IPLP students without prerequisites 
Recommended Courses: For all other students (upper year J.D. students and AISP graduate students), one of the following is recommended: Federal Indian Law, A History of Federal Indian Law and Policy, Sustainability, Indigenous Human Rights, Water Law, Environmental Law, and the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Clinic. 

This course will examine the issues surrounding economic development as indigenous communities and their respective governmental organizations enter the 21st Century. From this perspective, the course will address a broad range of issues, including the following: tribal sovereignty, constitutional reform, tribal governance and law reform, cultural preservation, natural resource management, taxation, business development and education.


Reading materials can be purchased through the College of Law Copy Center and will be made available through the College of Law online Forums.

Course Format Seminar 
Written Assignments A final research and or case study paper  
Type of Exam None 
Basis for grading Final paper, class participation and a presentation, attendance  
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