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Law 694A

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This course is the second in a two-part series.  The course will involve students from Law and Entrepreneurship I simulating partners in a mock law firm and advising the entrepreneurship teams involved in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.  Students will develop skills in areas that may include the following: (1) development of founders agreements; (2) legal formation and capitalization of a company, including their tax implications; (3) identification and protection of intellectual property, including intellectual property that protects inventions (e.g., patents, trade secrets) and intellectual property that support marketing strategies (e.g., trademarks); and (4) business negotiations strategy and technology licensing.  The experience law students gain through the course will make them uniquely qualified for positions in high-technology sectors and work representing small start-up companies generally upon graduation.


Xeroxed materials

Course Format


Written Assignments

Presentation to McGuire entrepreneurship teams on legal issues pertinent to establishing and growing a start-up company.  Drafting basic business formation agreements and documents.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Grades will be based on written and oral assignments and class participation.

Additional Comments

This course will be limited to students who took Law and Entrepreneurship I in the fall semester.

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