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 This class will focus on the principles and rules that regulate the process of proving facts at trial, including both the Federal Rules of Evidence and their common law counterparts. Topics covered include relevancy and its limits, various policy- and efficiency-based limitations on the receipt of evidence, the rule against hearsay and the more important hearsay exceptions, rules governing the impeachment of witnesses, and expert testimony are required.


1.)   Evidence Law and Practice by Friedland, Bergman and Taslitz (3rd Edition) REQUIRED

2.)   Federal Rules of Evidence, West, 2009-2010 edition, RECOMMENDED

Course Format

The course will be problem- oriented; class preparation will consist primarily of weekly problem sets and some reading. Class participation and consistent attendance are required.

Written Assignments  
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Basis for grading

Grades for the course are based on a mid-term and final exam, as well as class participation in exceptional cases.

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