Course - Law
Prerequisites: Completion of first year of law school, or permission of instructor 
Recommended Courses: None 

This course will address the imposition of civil liability on lawyers for negligence and other wrongful conduct and the intersection of this liability with the standards of professional responsibility imposed by a variety of regulatory bodies, including state courts, state bars, and a variety of state and federal agencies.


This course will address many of the practical problems that lawyers face in the context of lawyer liability.  The class text is problem oriented, and examines cases, code provisions, statutes, and commentary. 


While the course will not emphasize the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, it will address many of the Rules, and the principles underlying them.  Because of this, the course will satisfy the College of Law requirement that each student take a course in Professional Responsibility or Legal Profession.

Because the emphasis of this course differs materially from the traditional Legal Profession course, students who have taken Law 609 will be allowed to enroll in the class if space permits after students who have not completed Law 609 have enrolled.


Legal Malpractice Law:  Problems and Prevention, by Susan S. Fortney and Vincent R. Johnson (Thomson/West).

Course Format Lecture/discussion. 
Written Assignments None 
Type of Exam Essay 
Basis for grading Final Examination. High quality class participation may be taken into account in close cases to adjust the final grade upward. 
Additional Comments

Students are expected to attend class regularly and to be prepared to participate. 

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