Course - Law
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 This course will examine several themes: conflicts over which government has sovereign control over which resources; the role that tribal governments play in natural resource allocation and management; questions relating to ownership of natural resources; changing federal policies relating to natural resources allocation; the role of federal courts, Congress and Executive branches in relation to the trust responsibilities to protect tribal lands and resources; environmental protection, including EPA policy in relation to Indian Reservations; and natural resources development and management.
A synthesis of several legal principles related to Federal Indian law and environmental law will unite these thematic discussions including the scope of tribal sovereignty, perspectives on self-determination and the commons paradigm in relation to Native American resource management.

The required text is Native American Natural Resources Law: Cases and Materials by Judith Royster and Michael C. Blumm. As well, a course supplement available through IKON Copy Center.

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Type of Exam take-home 
Basis for grading Participation and discussion - 10%. Attendance is mandatory and I use a sign-in sheet along with the Socratic method for class discussion. Take-home exam - 90%. Three questions; additional information TBA in first class 
Additional Comments
All students are required to attend class regularly, to do the reading before class, and to participate actively. This includes a degree of analytical development regarding issues raised by the reading and not merely a descriptive summary.
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