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The purpose of the course is to focus on insurance law topics that many students will face as “bread and butter” issues when they enter practice. The course will focus on problems that arise in common areas of insurance litigation, the focus of class discussion will focus on the underlying legal principles that will allow a good advocate to build a case for his or her respective client’s position. Students will have a good understanding of the concepts behind insurance law principles, and will be prepared to be effective advocates for why the law should stay the same or be changed. 

The class will begin with an examination of the importance of insurance, and insurance law, to the practitioner and clients alike, and with a review of insurance policy architecture. Among the topics to be addressed are various approaches to policy interpretation, treatment of ambiguity, reasonable expectations, insurance policy duties, and issues surrounding bad faith.


Photocopied materials from Plitt, Steven, A Practical Guide to Handling Insurance Cases, forthcoming from Thomson Reuters, to be made available for purchase from Arizona Book Store.

Course Format

Lecture with class discussion.

Written Assignments

None. Class attendance and preparation will be expected. 

Type of Exam

To be determined. Likely combination of essay and short answer. Possibly some multiple choice as well.

Basis for grading

Final Examination. Instructor may take class participation that contributes positively to the class discussion into account where a final examination is at the boundary of two grades. 

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