Course - Law

There are no pre-requisites.  Business Organizations is NOT a pre-requisite.

Recommended Courses:  

This course will provide an introduction to the economic and financial aspects of corporations. The following topics will be covered: discounting and present value; the cost of capital; the efficient capital market hypothesis; introduction to optimal capital structure of the firm; the theory of financial option; the principal-agent model. The course will also cover the financial and legal aspects of the capital structure of firms: common stock; corporate debt; preferred stock; hybrid financial instruments. Basics on corporate accounting will be provided during the course.


Carney, Corporate Finance – Principles and Practice (2d ed. 2010);  articles and lecture notes that will be posted on the web and/or distributed during the course.

Course Format  
Written Assignments

I will post class assignments on the course’s TWEN home page.  You are responsible for staying informed about assignments.

Type of Exam  
Basis for grading  
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Attendance Policy:            

Regular class attendance is required. Satisfactory attendance is a minimum of 80% of all scheduled classes.


Class Participation:


You are expected to be prepared for and participate in each class.  I retain the option to raise your final grade based on voluntary class participation.




2 credits will be assigned based on a two-hour final exam. The extra credit is optional for students who will prepare a short essay on a topic I will suggest during the course. 

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