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First year Torts.

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This course addresses economic and dignitary torts, some of which are more generally referred to as business torts.  Unlike the first year Torts course, this course covers torts not associated with physical harm to person or property.



 The course includes many "communicative torts,” involving First Amendment issues, such as 1) defamation (both common law and statutory), including truth and privilege under common law and statutes; 2) invasion of privacy; 3) tortious litigation and tactics, including malicious prosecution, abuse of process, and others.  Among other torts that may be addressed in the course are intended interference with contracts and economic opportunities, misrepresentation,  and related torts.


Dobbs and Bublick:  Cases and Materials on Advanced Torts:  Economic and Dignitary Torts – Business, Commercial, and Intangible Harms (West Publishing).

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Essay exam.

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