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This course will examine the policies of federal bankruptcy law and related state and federal debtor-creditor law, such as truth in lending and usury, collection of judgments, fair debt collection practices and exemptions from execution.  It will also focus on problem-solving under these laws.  The course will deal with administration of cases in bankruptcy and with bankruptcy liquidations and repayment plans under Chapters 7 and 13 of the federal Bankruptcy Code.  Consumer bankruptcies will be the focal point for understanding the structure and policies of the Bankruptcy Code. 


Course materials are provided electronically.  A statutory supplement containing the Bankruptcy Code and Selected Commercial Statutes is also required.

Course Format

Class discussion with very little lecture.

Written Assignments

Students are expected to make notes on the reading and on problems assigned. These will not be passed in, but they are the basis of class discussion.

Type of Exam

Three-hour essay exam. Open book.

Basis for grading

Regular attendance is required. Grading is on the basis of the final exam, with outstanding class participation considered at the margin.

Additional Comments

Bankruptcy questions can arise in any type of practice.  This course will give you a grounding in the structure of bankruptcy law and a basis for identifying bankruptcy issues. 

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