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Evidence (LAW 608)

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The basic trial practice course is an introduction to the procedural, evidentiary and ethical requirements as well as persuasive trial techniques involved in civil and criminal trials.  Each week students will act as trial counsel executing the various skills employed during the stages of a jury trial-jury selection, opening statements, direct examination, exhibits, cross-examination, impeachment and closing arguments.  Student performances will be reviewed and critiqued, and may be periodically videotaped.

The course includes a weekly lecture and demonstration component, generally held on Mondays at noon. 

The first ten or eleven weeks of the course will be devoted to problems which focus on specific trial skills.  The remaining weeks will be spent on trials, with students acting as trial counsel in complete jury trials.  Student performance will be reviewed and critiqued.



Mauet and Wolfson, Materials in Trial Advocacy (Newest ed.)

Mauet, Trials, 2nd Ed.

Course Format

Learn-by-doing; simulation method; weekly lecture.

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