Course - Law

Advanced Legal Writing
Advanced Appellate Practice/2LMoot Court
Must be 3L student
Top score in Fegtly Moot Court Competition in previous spring semster.

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Moot Court Board members serve as teaching assistants for the Advanced Appellate Practice/2L Moot Court course.  Responsibilities include:
     *  Attending class and board meeting each week;
     *  Active participation in class and in class activities;
     *  Reading and knowing course bench memo;
     *  Reading and knowing key cases on each issue;
     *  Preparing and present in-class activities;
     *  Running breakouts sessions for in-class activities;
     *  Serving as editor and mentor to two or three 2L students;
     *  Reviewing and providing handwritten comments on editees' outlines;
     *  Reviewing and providing handwritten comments on editees' first drafts;
     *  Communicating with Board Presidents and Professor regarding common issues
         in outlines and first draft briefs;
     *  Meeting with editees to discuss first drafts;
     *  Scoring briefs (over Spring Break);
     *  Assisting Board Presidents in drafting sample oral argument questions;
     *  Coaching multiple practice oral arguments;
     *  Bailiffing two or more oral argument rounds;
     *  Attending final oral argument round and moot court banquet/awards ceremony.

One Board member will serve as Board president.

Board members are generally selected from the top students in the previous year's Advanced Appellate Advocacy course.

Course Format

Board members attend one two-hour class each week during the first two months of the semester.  Board members also must serve as bailiffs for one or more oral arguments each semester; oral arguments generally take place the last week of March and the first week of April.  In addition, Board members have significant responsibilities outside of class, including but not limited to meeting with students, coaching oral argument practices, and scoring competition briefs.

Written Assignments


Type of Exam  
Basis for grading

Satisfactory participation in course and competition, serving as bailiff for one or more oral argument rounds, scoring briefs.

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