Course - Law

Federal Indian Law or permission of Instructor and selection for the team.


Recommended Courses:

Persuasive Communication


The competition problem is traditionally released in the middle of the Fall semester, with the brief due in January and the competition itself in February.  Each year, the team(s) will be selected in the early fall.  The students chosen for the team will meet on a regular basis to prepare for the competition.  The content and timing of the meetings will vary and will depend on the competition time table.  Students will be expected to meet with each other and with the coach regarding brief writing and oral arguments.  Students who are unable or unwilling to attend the vast majority of scheduled meetings will be dropped from the team.


May vary each year depending on the topic of the competition problem.

Course Format


The class will have a scheduled time to meet once a week, but will be expected to meet additional times, including weekends, on an as-needed basis.  Class will be a combination of instruction, discussion, and practice.

Written Assignments


The team will produce a written brief in accordance with the rules of the National NALSA moot court competition.

Type of Exam

Participation in the competition will substitute for an exam.  If a team does not travel to the competition, suitable alternative arrangements will be made at the professor's  discretion.

Basis for grading

Dedication to and required hours in pursuit of assigned project.

Additional Comments


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