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Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Mining Law, Sustainability and Environmental Policy


This 3-credit course will cover the history and present state of federal public land law and policy, focusing on the management regimes for the public lands and their natural resources. The course will focus on both law and public policy as independent but constantly active forces that shape the management of public lands and natural resources. The course will cover the law of public lands and resources, including the roles of executive branch administrative agencies, the Congress, and the courts in directing uses of the public lands, and also the importance of federal-state relations as a source of both law and policy. The course will pay particular attention to federal land and resource management agencies, and to the managers in those agencies who are responsible for implementing public land laws. In this regard, the course has a practical problem-solving approach that emphasizes the use of analytic models and the knowledge gained in both the readings and class discussion to expand on solutions. Within the context of public land law, we will explore issues related to the political, administrative and technical feasibility of a variety of policy choices for vital resources such as timber, wilderness, and wildlife


Federal Public Land and Resources Law (6nd. Edition, University Casebooks, Foundation Press, New York, 2007), by George Cameron Coggins, Charles F. Wilkinson,John D. Leshy, Robert L. Fischman; supplemental materials prepared by the professor.

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Lecture and discussion

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Final Exam

Basis for grading

The final exam will be the primary basis for students' grades, but class participation will also be taken into account..

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