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We will focus on the concepts of criminal law and criminal justice, as it appears in real life case studies. We will learn the basic principles of mens rea, actus reus, concurrence and causation, and apply those principles to crimes against property and crimes against the person, briefly discussing inchoate crimes. We'll analyze and debate appropriate and effective defenses to these crimes. The class will be interactive, thought provoking and often require you step outside of your comfort zone or think outside of the box. Timewise, the class will be approximately 1/2 lecture on the basic tenets of criminal law and 1/2 student participation in actual case issue spotting, reasoning, analysis, drawing conclusions and arguing your position.


Criminal Law Case Studies, 4th Edition, by Paul H Robinson and Understanding Criminal Law, 6th Edition, by Joshua Dressler - it's the ABA's 2012 version of the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility. An ebook purchase of the same is fine also.

Course Format

Lecture and student Interaction

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

Short answer and essay

Basis for grading


Student participation will account for 25% of your grade. The remaining 75% will be a written short answer and essay examination at the end of the semester.

Additional Comments

Prof. Rueschhoff has practiced as a prosecutor in Texas, Alabama and Arizona, and has taught Trial Advocacy and Criminal Law at law schools in Alabama and Hawaii.

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