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Family law or community property or with professor permission

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Community Property


This seminar course is designed for law students who have an interest in practicing family law.  The course will focus on fostering the skills needed for a successful family law practice, including  understanding financial information  used in a dissolution matters (tax returns, financial statements, retirement plans, etc.), how to calculate and advocate around support issues (child and spousal), Arizona's new custody law and parenting plan development, psychological aspects of dealing with family law clients, especially difficult clients, drafting of fee agreements, ethical issues related to family law practice, marketing and building a practice (including developing  a business plan), ADR in family law cases and preparing a case for hearing.


West's Arizona Family Law and Rules, 2012-2013 ed., New Edition (expected release date of November 12, 2012)

Course Format


Written Assignments

Preparation of a marketing and business plan, draft of parenting plan, drafting of a petition for temporary orders.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Class participation, written assignments and performance of mock ADR and/or mock hearings.

Additional Comments

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