Course - Law
Prerequisites: None 
Recommended Courses: This course is self-contained in that it will provide the necessary introduction to legal areas involved with energy. 
Overview Energy has been an essential element of life ever since it began. Modern society would be unthinkable without the all pervasive supporting energy infrastructure. Energy's intrusion into all aspects of life means that the practitioner is likely to be involved in energy related issues in any specialized field of practice. This course is designed to meet that need by providing a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of energy law. Five drivers of change will be considered in developing an understanding of the current state of energy law and how it is likely to evolve. They are: 1. uncontrollable external events 2. technological advances 3. revisions to economic thinking 4. increased reliance on competition 5. evolving social expectations Because the course will be team taught with experts in each of the subject matter areas, students will have the benefit of learning about the substantive issues and their related legal issues from experts who can address the fundamental factors that will remain critical for future practice matters.  
Materials Energy, Economics and the Environment (Third Edition), Bosselman, et al., Foundation Press (2010) Additional materials will be provided as needed early enough before they are to be discussed so that they can be read and digested. Those materials will include cases, legislation, rules, and examples of operative documents, including leases, filings, and contracts.  
Course Format The course will be taught as a team effort. Every week a subject matter expert for the topic of discussion will introduce the topic and provide the background necessary for the subsequent discussion of the legal issues involved. The breadth of that discussion, combined with the review of actual documents, should give the students a solid platform for understanding the current and future energy related issues that they are likely to encounter in practice. 
Written Assignments  
Type of Exam Final paper 
Basis for grading Written assignments 
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