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Basic understanding of computers, ability to use word processing and web browser software; WestLaw or Lexis accesses; active e-mail account.


In order to take this course you must have a direct Internet connection and the ability to receive POP3 email and attachments on the first day of class.  You must further agree to access that email via the Internet on a daily basis since much of the information exchange in the class takes place over the Internet.  The law school provides that level connectivity free to students at the Law College.  Please go to <>for information on this service.

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This seminar will focus upon the development of lawyering skills, document production and  management, computerization of law offices and courts and law office management. One or more papers will be required on various topics.

Among the issues that will be discussed are:

1.         Using e-mail and the Internet effectively

2.         Cloud Computing and the practice of law

3.         Lifestyle issues of cyberlawyers

4.         Modern problems of billing and fee for service

5.         Forms of practice - solo to big firm

6.         Modern document management systems

7.         Gender and other discrimination in law firms

8.         Time management and calendaring - using office suites, and standalone applications

 9.         Using your staff and paralegals

10.              Pro Bono work and commitment

11.       Document management, assembly and production

12.       Rainmaking and other development efforts

13.              Stress and substance abuse in the law practice

14.              Malpractice, insurance and risk management

15.        Dealing with clients

16.         Problem solving and dispute resolution techniques

17.       Solo practice and mentoring

18.       The business of law – staff issues, accounting, cash flow analysis, etc.             

19.              Training young lawyers and billing in the first year


Course materials available online.

Course Format

Discussion and demonstration

Written Assignments

Each student will produce and present a paper on a topic of their choosing.

Type of Exam

There will be no final examination.

Basis for grading

Participation 50%; papers 50%; class participation is required.

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