Course International Commercial Transactions - Law 644B
Instructor Marek Dubovec
Units 2 (Graded)


Recommended Courses:

Comparative Commercial Law, Secured Transactions, Introduction to Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy, International Bankruptcy


This course has been designed to introduce students to the mechanics of certain contemporary international commercial transactions, the actual documentation used in such transactions (e.g., bills of lading, financing statements, sale and security agreements, etc.) and their legal regulation.  It explores the legal issues that may arise in connection with cross-border commercial transactions, including the sale and transportation of goods, payments, holding and transfers of securities through intermediaries, financing of aircraft and insolvency.  Each weekly assignment will cover a different topic.  These issues are examined in the context of rules embedded in i) international conventions, such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the Cape Town Convention, and the Geneva Convention, ii) various practice rules promulgated by the International Chamber of Commerce and iii) U.S. law, such the Uniform Commercial Code and the Bankruptcy Code. 


A set of law review articles, cases and other publicly available reading materials to be distributed through D2L.       

Course Format

A combination of lectures and discussions.

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

Choice of substantial paper (paper topic to be cleared with the Professor beforehand) or three-hour open book exam.  The substantial paper option requires an outline, draft(s) and an oral presentation.

Basis for grading

Substantial paper or final examination. The Professor will have discretion to readjust grades on the basis of class participation.

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