Course Advanced Professionalism and Law Practice - Law 698B
Instructor Sally Rider
Units 2 (Pass/Fail)
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This course is intended to be the signature course of Arizona Law’s theory-to-practice curriculum.  It is designed to give Arizona Law graduates some practical skills, knowledge, and insights regarding law practice in a variety of settings, including available resources, tools and best practices for success, and common pitfalls.  Incorporating a focus on many of the “soft skills” that new lawyers may lack, the course will emphasize aspects of professionalism, ethics, and skills that are not covered in most classes in the existing curriculum. The course also includes an innovative module on the economics of law practice, which is designed in part to provoke student thought and discussion about (1) how to quickly become as valuable as they can to whatever law enterprise they join, (2) how they might chart their own career development, (3) how to build a successful solo practice, whether they choose to do so immediately after law school or later in their careers, and (4) the different practical and economic considerations driving different types of clients and different types of law offices.  The course will culminate in a day spent in a seminar on civic leadership and a meeting with judges.  Students will leave this class armed with the tools to be savvier, more effective, and more confident new members of the profession.

The course will meet twice a week for 75 minutes for eight weeks and a four hour seminar (time and day TBA), and will be graded pass/fail based upon class participation, written projects/assignments, and a 500-word essay on a topic relating to professionalism.  Each segment will include hands-on projects, role-playing, presentations by students, and/or drafting legal documents.



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