Course Advanced Family Law Practice - Law 698H
Instructor Nanette Warner
Units 2 (Graded)

Family law taken in past or concurrently

Recommended Courses:

community property, trial practice


This course will teach the student practitioner the basics of handling a family law case from the moment a client walks in the door. We will address fee agreements and ethics of running a law practice, with a focus of special issues in family law.  The students will work a case (based on a fact scenario), including the drafting of a petition for dissolution, preparing and filing a motion for temporary orders for support, legal decision-making, and parenting time, calculating child support in AZ, developing a parenting plan and conducting a mock temporary orders hearing.  The participant will also learn how to effectively deal with difficult clients who have personality disorders or take unreasonable positions.  A trip to superior court and lunch with the family law judges will be planned.



Arizona Family Law and Rules 2013-2014, West, ISBN:  9780314652171, Thomson Reuter, 2014-2015 edition.

Course Format

seminar style. 

Written Assignments

Students will prepare a Petition for dissolution, motion for temporary orders, proposed parenting plan, child support calcution and proposed order and conduct a mock hearing on temporary orders.

Type of Exam

no exam

Basis for grading

letter grades

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