Course Post-February Bar Externship - Law 698C
Instructor Seanna Howard
Units 2-6 (Pass/Fail)
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This course will permit students to enroll in 8 week externships during the February Bar Experiential Curriculum (March 3- May 2). These externships are offered for 2-6 credits with a field placement in a government agency, a public interest organization or a corporate law office. Students will receive a list of externships for which they can apply, along with any pre-requisites and additional application requirements (e.g., security clearances/interview that may be required for a particular externship placement).

Students are expected to devote approximately 50 hours of work/field placement time per credit.  For example, students enrolled in a 2 credit externship would devote roughly 100 hours of time, or approximately 12.5 hours per week, to the course for 8 weeks. Students enrolled in a 6 credit externship for example, will devote approximately 37.5 hours per week to the course for 8 weeks. Some field placement supervisors may indicate a willingness to supervise externs for a specific amount of credits/hours (e.g. 6 credits for 37.5 hours only).


 Course materials packet.

Course Format

Externship students will be required to attend an orientation session and final de-briefing session taught and organized  by Professors Howard and Williams, and other invited faculty members and speakers. These class sessions will include presentations on externship requirements, rules and expectations, skills instruction, professionalism, client confidentiality and other topics.

Written Assignments

Students are required to keep a journal, log of assignments, a notebook of written documents drafted by the student, and a memo describing the nature of the assignments, the supervision received, and personal assessment of the placement.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Grades are based on assessments by faculty supervisors and field placement supervisors and evaluation of the following requirements: attendance, journal, log, assignments and memo.

Additional Comments

Feb-bar students are given priority but 2nd and 3rd year students may apply for any remaining placements not filled by Feb-bar students.

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