Course Antitrust Law - Law 618
Instructor Barak Orbach
Units 3 (Graded)


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This course has two primary goals. The first is introduction to modern antitrust law. The second is learning to analyze complex legal problems. We will use unedited materials related antitrust cases to learn how business problems and disputes evolve and may resolve through law.

Antitrust law intends to address collusion, exclusion, and consolidation of economic power. In practice, however, many business disappointments appear like illegal activities.  We will examine how business problems may turn into claims regarding unlawful restraints of trade, unilateral conduct, and mergers, and evaluate the merit of typical claims.

Antitrust presents many social, intellectual, and political problems with which courts have been grappling since the nineteenth century. We will examine the influence of these issues and their strategic use in antitrust. Through the study of antitrust, you are expected to improve your analytical and reasoning skills, as well as understanding of complex litigation and business problems.


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