Thu Apr 02 2015   
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2013 - 2014 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law Members Announced

On behalf of the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, please join in congratulating those who have been selected as new members of the Journal!

Ajay Ahluwalia
Sarah Malanga
Seth Apfel
Amanda Mateer
Ty Catmull - Third Year Writer
Michael Matthews - Third Year Writer
Alberta Chu- Third Year Writer
Courtney McGurk
Levi Claridge
Dawn Michaud
Keith Collett
Colin (Danny) O’Sullivan
Sommer Coston
Vaughn Pederson
Joshua Crandell
Erin Redmon
Donald Davie
Araceli Rodriguez
Dane Dehler
Matthew Ruskin
Stephanie Dugdale
Adrian Saenz
Kaysey Fung
Sean Story
Jason Gray
Lauren Talkington
Meredith Hochhalter
Shama Thathi
Hoyt Sam Hoyt
Nicholas Whitley
Jefferson Klocke
Kylie Winkleblack

We are very excited to have them join this publication and we look forward to another great year for the Journal. Congratulations!