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Faculty Scholarships

Author: Kristine A. Huskey

  • Justice At Guantanamo: One Womans Odyssey and Her Crusade for Human Rights (2009) (co-author, with Aleigh Acerni).
Articles in Books
  • Occupation, Terrorism and Non-refoulement, in War, Occupation, and Refugees ___ (forthcoming 2015).
  • The “Material Support” Bar to Refugee Protection:  An Expansive Approach Through A Narrow Lens, in Still Waiting for Tomorrow:  The Law and Politics of Unresolved Refugee Crises 219 (Susan Akram & Tom Syring eds., 2014).
  • United States: Private Military Contractors and U.S. Law After 9/11, in Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors:  The Interplay Between International, European and Domestic Norms 331 (Christine Bakker & Mirko Sossai eds., 2012) (co-author, with Scott Sullivan).
  • The Guantanamo Lawyers:  Inside a Prison Outside the Law (Mark Denbeaux & Jonathan Hafetz eds., 2009) (contributor).
  • The “Sex Interrogators” of Guantanamo, in One of the Guys:  Female Aggressors and Torturers 175 (Tara McKelvey ed., 2007).
  • A Strategic Imperative:  Legal Representation of Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents in Status Determination Proceedings, 11 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 169 (2012).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Accountability for Private Military and Security Contractors in the International Legal Regime, 31 Crim. Just. Ethics 193 (2012).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Guantanamo and Beyond:  Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Preventive Detention, 9 U. N.H. L. Rev. 183 (2011).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Hunger Strikes:  Challenges to the Guantanamo Detainee Health Care Policy, 30 Whittier L. Rev. 783 (2009) (co-author, with Stephen N. Xenakis).
    Available at: SSRN
  • Standards and Procedures for Classifying ‘Enemy Combatants’:  Congress, What Have You Done?, 43 Tex. Int'l L.J. 41 (2007).
    Available at: SSRN

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