For the Record: Visting Professor, Award Nominations, Conferences and Expert Insights on First Amendment, Free Speech, Legal Paraprofessionals and More

Jan. 30, 2024

Catch up on recent University of Arizona Law faculty accomplishments

College of Law


Leading Election Law Expert Edward B. Foley Visiting Professor at University of Arizona Law  

Edward “Ned” B. Foley, the Ebersold Chair in Constitutional Law, and director of the election law program at Ohio State University, has joined University of Arizona Law as a distinguished election law visiting professor through March. Foley is the current Guggenheim Fellow in constitutional studies and leading election law expert in the United States. He has been closely involved with recent efforts to reform the electoral count act and is deeply knowledgeable about the vulnerabilities of the American electoral system. 

During his time at University of Arizona Law, Foley will attend faculty workshops, present at the upcoming constitutional law conference, and deliver a special lecture “Trump's Eligibility for Reelection: What Will the Supreme Court Decide?” on Feb. 5, hosted by the Rehnquist Center.  

Blair Woods Article Cited in Federal Appellate Opinion from Third Circuit 

Professor of Law Jordan Blair Woods’ law review article - “Policing, Danger Narratives, and Routine Traffic Stops,” 177 MICH. L. REV. 635, 648-49 (2019) - was cited in a federal appellate opinion from the Third Circuit, United States v. Hunter, that was released in December. In footnote 26 of Judge Theodore McKee's concurrence, Woods research is cited for the idea that courts have used data in ways that overstate the danger risks of routine traffic stops to police officers.   

Roisman Attends New Directions in Public Law Scholarship Conference  

On Oct. 20, Professor Shalev Roisman attended “New Directions in Public Law Scholarship” at the University of Chicago Law School. The conference brought together a group of emerging public law scholars to discuss where the field is heading. Roisman was a point person in the Analytical Moves session, where he spoke about his work on that theme and helped open conversation to the broader group. 

Stern Presents at Climate Institutions Conference 

This past December, Professor of Law Stephanie Stern attended the Climate Institutions Conference at Queens University Law. The conference’s main objective was to generate better understanding of how legal institutions may be contributing to lagging climate action across a range of key policy areas and to develop strategies for ways legal institutions might be better leveraged to enhance climate action. Stern spoke about her paper, “Climate Homesteading,” during a panel on adapting communities for climate extremes.  

Orbach Antitrust Paper Nominated for Article of the Year in Antitrust Writing Awards 2024 

Robert H. Mundheim Professor of Law and Business Barak Orbach’s recent paper, “The Friction Paradox: Intermediaries, Competition, and Efficiency,” is currently nominated for the best antitrust academic article of the year for Antitrust Writing Awards 2024. 


Who’s on First? 
Tucson Lifestyle 
February 2024 

Assistant Director of Legal Writing Tessa Dysart discusses the First Amendment.  

Professor of Law and Business Barak Orbach weighs in on little-known Canadian company GeoComply that currently has a monopoly over compliance services for operators of online gambling in the US.  

Saving the planet, one case at a time 
Legal Planet 
Jan. 11, 2024 

The University of Arizona Natural Resource Use and Management Clinic is included in a list of environmental law clinics. 

Innovation for Justice’s Medical Debt Policy Scorecard is used and linked when discussing New Jersey’s policies that help residents burdened with unpaid medical bills.  

Ellen Bublick, Dan B. Dobbs professor of law, faculty research fellow and faculty director of the Phoenix Program, reviews Eugene Volokh’s article, “The Right to Defy Criminal Demands.” 

Protests supporting both Palestine and Israel have made their way to Arizona's college campuses. Dean Emerita and free speech expert Toni Massaro says the discussion of free speech, hate speech, and academic freedom on campuses is much more complicated than it seems. 

Expanding Access to Justice 
Arizona Attorney Magazine 
January 2024 

Kristy Clairmont writes about Arizona Legal Paraprofessionals expanding access to justice in the program’s third year.  

Does Section 230 Immunity Apply Globally? 
Dec. 18, 2024 

Andrew Keane Woods explains why the recent court decisions interpreting Sec. 230 as a global immunity shield are inconsistent with the intent behind Sec. 230 and with the courts' usual foreign affairs jurisprudence. 

Associate Clinical Professor of Law Diana Simon writes an expert analysis about active voice. 

Arizona's Supreme Court is set to consider whether abortion can remain legal for up to 15 weeks in the state or if a near-total ban should take effect. Barbara Atwood, Professor of Law Emerita, is interviewed. 

How patients navigate insurance coverage for weight-loss medication 
ABC News: Good Morning America 
Oct. 17, 2023 

Many people are turning to telehealth websites and subscription services that offer help in acquiring similar drugs. Director of the Health Law and Policy Program Tara Sklar weighs in.