Voices in Law Podcast Series

Voices in Law is an occasional podcast featuring interviews with leading legal experts from around the country. The podcast is hosted hosted by the Arizona Law faculty at the James E. Rogers College of Law. 

Episode 1

In this episode, Professor Andrew Coan speaks with leading election law expert Robert Yablon, Assistant Professor of Law at the Unviersity of Wisconsin. They discuss the law of democracy, Citizens United, voter ID laws and more.

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Episode 2

In this episode, Associate Clinical Professor Kristine Huskey speaks with immigration law and policy expert Emily Ryo, Associate Professor of Law and Sociology at University of Southern California Gould School of Law. They discuss DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the proposed border wall, related litigation and more. 

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Episode 3

In this episode, Professor Christopher Robertson speaks with intellectual law expert Christopher Beauchamp, of Brooklyn Law School. They discuss two different pathways for invalidating patents, early history of the U.S. patent law system, and the pending Supreme Court case, Oil States v. Greene's Energy.

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Episode 4

In this episode, Professor Andrew Woods speaks with political scientist, Robert Reich, of Stanford University. They discuss philanthropy, charitable foundations, democratic theory, and the ethics of technology.

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